Weekly Site Re-Design?!

Barely a week with a K2, 3-column theme, I had to agree with Sonny: the site was not looking good, at all. The other 3-column themes look blah, so after random searching, found out about Tarski, which claims to be lightweight, flexible, and widget-friendly. Loving it so far, especially the constants.php implementation/feature, which is great for ad placements, and ideal when upgrading to the latest theme version. If you have a php code to insert though, you have to do it the old-skool way (via sidebar.php, etc.). Commenting on the new design is encouraged 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Site Re-Design?!

  1. kates says:

    Ganda. dami mo yatang widgets ngayon. baka magka widget overload ka. 🙂

  2. rain says:

    Salamat Kates. Di naman lahat widget-driven :p Sa K2 ko nga lang na-experience yun e.

    Parang ang old-skool nga ng feeling dito e. Parang, its back to my old colors, old 2 column format :p

  3. timber says:


    the picture atop
    looks like nips…

  4. rain says:

    Yeah, seems like it.

    Is that what Singapore’s done to you, dude?

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