On Flash Photography: Part 2, The Options

Realized that this article series is anti-climactic, since I already mentioned the flash unit I bought. But then, there’s still a lot of stuff to geek out on re this topic.

First, let me mention my basic requirements for a flash unit: (1) cheap, sub-10 thousand peso range; (2) E-TTL compatibility, and (3) a head that can bounce/tilt and swivel. I’d admit that I still don’t have a firm grasp of Canon’s E-TTL technology, but I want to adapt to it for the sake of convenience, nothing much else.

None of the following units met all the requirements, but they are worth noting:

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1) Sunpak Auto 383

PROS: Good flash brand, bounce and swivel head, excellent user reviews.
CONS: Works the old school way: in Auto, no TTL-variant.

Read a great review of this flash here.


2) Sunpak PZ40X II

PROS: E-TTL II compatible, compact, uses only two AA batteries, great form factor.
CONS: Head doesn’t swivel.

3) Any Nikon Speedlight Flash
Price will vary, as second hand units are still recommended.

PROS: Highly recommended by PROs, bounce and swivel head.
CONS: Works the old-school way, too. Will sit bare on the hotshoe after pin-hacking the unit by leaving only the center synch pin to touch the hotshoe.

Sadly, as seasoned professional photographers would conclude, Canon users lose in the same-brand flash game.

More thoughts on flash photography to be posted soon.

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