Ang Bandang Narda’s Farewell Gig

I’ve written about the band Narda, took gig shots, shot some live video clips, did album reviews. You can call it fanboy-ism, I call it sheer fascination.

Last Thursday, my first time at Saguijo, purportedly the best rock joint anywhere, the remaining members of Narda, along with fellow musicians and fans, put on their last show.


Met up with blogger friend Karla, who’d be my camera-shooting partner that night, and got to talk to local rock journalist Cris Ramos of Revolver Productions, who has been one of the major promoters of Narda music. Coincidentially, Cris and I go way back, since we’re from the same high school, and we’d sometimes see each other at the fishball stands at UP Diliman and discuss whatever is happening to the local music scenes.

Other bands of the night were Ishi (very promising young band who’s got their influences right), Boy Elroy (fun punks, in the non-standard way), The Dorques (yo indie rock yo; with a delightful, kulit drummer girl), and industrial rock band Switch, who sounded a lot better than when I saw them perform on a TV morning show a few months back.

Video clip of Narda performing ‘Hypochondriac’ from the A Postcard From EP.

Narda had two sets: the first one for the songs from their last record, Discotillion (with Ryan on keyboards and active sessionist Bata on drums), and the second one to cap the night had them perform songs pre-Discotillion (with Conrad of Boy Elroy on bass, and Jason of Pedicab on lead guitar). The audience was also treated to an exclusive viewing of their music video for 100 Taon.


Tears were shed on stage, in-jokes were thrown here and there, a kiss was given and taken, and all else was pretty joyful for everyone. This was a celebration, as Katwo, frontwoman extraordinaire, since it was the day akin to a graduation from the band.

View the entire photoset of nARADAMAGEDDON: Huling Lipad ng Narda here.

PS: I won a t-shirt through hesitant cheating during the gig. It was Medium, so I gave it away.


On a personal note, Narda was the local band that had just the right blend of music I would proudly admit listening to, and had that excellent kind of showmanship that any camera would love to shoot. I wasn’t searching for a group to fit this profile, but I thankfully did. Since there will be an obvious void in my music consciousness, another search needs to be done the soonest time possible. And when that time comes, besides all the good stuff they should already possess, sana, magkaroon naman sila ng swerte.

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