The Restless Gig Photography Saga

I wanted to rest last weekend after the last Narda gig. My ears were still ringing on my second off-day, when I found out that there’d be a free gig again at Eastwood City. Looked at the lineup, and concluded I’ve already seen some of these bands, albeit at the same stage, too. But then, I was still on a gig-photographer-high, so I decided to feed the ego again, and I did have work the next day anyway, so I might as well spend the night at the office. Oh, and this is another chance to take out the camera flash and practice.

Shot at the ODYSSEY SOUNDCRASH! event, April 14, 2007, at Eastwood Central Plaza.


Sister of famed 80s teenstar Kristina Paner, Danita is packaged as a pop-rock star. I didn’t have high hopes for the shots I have of her, but they came out well-enough. Pretty young stunner here, would love to shoot her again.

Another Gig Shoot Preview

Kat of ‘Pinoy Soul’ outfit Sino Sikat? Only caught the last two songs of their set, and for about 60% of that time, I was backing up files from my memory card. Pffft.

Ria of Paramita

Ria of Paramita making a face, thats undeniably a lot more flattering than this one, but hey, I didn’t ask her to do that.

More photos here.

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