Adventures in Linux: Installing Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

Since getting a new dual core CPU last December, I’ve only really used Windows XP. Believe me, I tried Ubuntu Linux, but when I run from the Live CD, I can’t get any sound.

So, I waited until yesterday, when the newest version, Feisty Fawn, was set to be released. Fired up the torrent client, slept, realized I didn’t have any blank CDs anymore, waited until evening when the Bulacan summer heat was a lot more tolerable, bought CDr’s, went home, burned the installer image, and went into ultra-geek mode.

Then things went wrong. Very wrong.

I was used to gparted, the default partitioning program under Gnome. So, there I was, resizing my hard disc, setting the rig for a dual boot system. I don’t remember the app taking as long as 15 minutes to do this on an 80 gig hard disk. So, I went a-browsing, and 10 minutes or so later, gparted exited itself. AFAIK, it doesn’t do that.

Off to the installation wizard, the sigh of relief came when the wizard’s partitioning step recognized my partition resizing values. However, I know this isn’t a valid measure of success yet.

Installation itself went by fine, though during first boot, it stopped working on graphics mode, and forced the system for an fsck. Crap. Not a good sign.

Reboot was ok, everything seems to be in order, I AM ONLINE, but I still don’t have sound. Alright, that’s not my primary concern now: I need to see if XP is still working.

Reboot. Told grub to do XP. Got the splash screen (modded to look like an Apple PC). A minute of dead screen after that. No login page… I went away and hoped its just taking a long time. 5 minutes later, I got the login page…. in Ubuntu.

Apparently, XP’s screwed.

But then! Feisty Fawn has built-in NTFS copy-write support, so salvaging the files SHOULD go fine. They DO look like they’re still there. Good thing I did a music and video backup on a secondary hard drive before I did the installation.

So, here’s the TO-DO list:

Troubleshoot sound issue.
Transfer Desktop  and My Documents  files  from the two existing XP profiles.
Delete the XP partition, make it a backup partition, go all Ubuntu.

I’m out. I’ll be freakishly busy.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Linux: Installing Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn”

  1. But then, Kates, I didn’t have Ubuntu with the rig I bought last December. I didn’t have a copy of Edgy, and since I only got time to install Ubuntu about 2 months before Feisty’s release, e di inisip ko, I’ll wait muna.

    Oh well, merong update, I’ll post soon 🙂

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