VIDEO: Sneaker Pimps, Songs From Becoming X

Yesterday late evening/today early morning was spent searching for songs to feed the iPod, and I wanted to hear familiar music, preferably the type now rotting on my neglected audio tapes. A random search lead me to an old fave: the trip-hop outfit Sneaker Pimps.

For those who missed the mid-90s, here are the official music videos from the band’s Becoming X record:

Spin Spin Sugar

Alternate versions:
The more club-sounding Armand’s Dark Garage Edit
The live version
Post Becoming X period live version

Post-Modern Sleaze

6 Underground

Tesko Suicide


Low Place Like Home, Live

The Sneaker Pimps’ existence since the first record has got a bit of flak, as there’s a loud clamor to bring back singer Kelli Dayton (aka Kelly Ali), frontwoman for the band’s Becoming X period, and who has since done collaborations with the likes of Marc Almond (Soft Cell), and Bootsy Collins (watch the Kylie-esque song Play With Bootsy here, and dance-a-bit-why-dont-ya). Chris Corner, the band’s founder, main songwriter, and current lead, sings just fine, and so far, the songs from the band’s second effort, Splinter, are great, but I’d take the side of those who miss the charm, the sex appeal, the feminine brute of the Becoming X songs.


In related music video news, our local cable TV subscriber now provides MTV Asia, and I jumped a bit since I can watch music videos again the old-fashioned way, since MTV Philippines ceased to do broadcast on free UHF TV. Then, after tuning in for a few hours, I came up with this conclusion: this is crap, I’m going back to YouTube. Even though I’m slightly amused by that Lily Allen song.

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