LOTD: Awesome Batmand Fanvid, and Hot Chinese Female Stars


Clearly, one of the awesomest suphero fanvideo ever uploaded to the Internets:

And its sequel!

Via Boingboing


Via Shanghaiist: Yes, this Shanghai-centric site is still in my rss reader subscription list. For any Chinese film fan/entertainment afficionado, you just have to read the article published by CCTV online on “Uniqueness of 10 hot female stars in China“. Here’s a sample:

Huang Shengyi has a horse face, and big nose. When she smiles, she is fatally attractive.

Zhou Xun is almost perfect. If you are critical, her only shortcoming is that her mouth looks like an old lady’s.

Go through the slideshow and see what they think of their own megastars Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi. Ha!

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