RFilipinas Remedios Circle Shoot

L-R: Jay Javier (with Leica and Zorki RFs), myself (with Fed 2 and Yashica Electro 35GSN RFs), Luis Liwanag (with Leica and I-can’t-figure-out [Zorki?] RFs) and wife
Photo by Buck Pago

Last Saturday, when everyone else went to the photo-op that was the Aliwan Festival 2007, RFilipinas made it the first day for the book and exhibit project (details to be posted soon).

What else can I say but though we had a call-time of 11am, people started trickling in much much later, and the shoot started around 4. What happened before that?

We situated ourselves at Aristocrat in Malate, whose specialty -according to Direk Uro- was the espresso, though since I’ve had a semi-aversion with coffee, I can’t tell what’s good or bad anymore.

After the shoot, we headed off to Penguin cafe for their drinks, and something to eat on my end. Malate was slowly morphing to its lively nightlife, and I started feeling odd that amongst these neatly dressed, just-bathed crowds, I was wearing my black Sun Beach tsinelas.

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