LOTD: Of Alter Egos, and Other Misc Geekery

Links of the day:

  • WikipediaFS is a mountable Linux virtual file system that enables you to deal with Wikipedia (or any Mediawiki-based site) articles as if they were real files. (source/via,)
  • The Free Me DVD, a project to help promote free culture, has just made the iso image to download (via/source) No torrent yet, though.
  • Photojournalist Robbie Cooper captured images of gamers and their real-life selves. View the thumbnail galleries here, and here, and see the book ‘Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators‘ on Amazon here. (via)
  • Former US House Speaker Gingrich To Conservatives: Don’t Talk About Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed, Attorneys, Or Bush (source)
  • HOW TO – Improve your photography with classical art (source/via). And how to do this in GIMP (from the GIMPGuru Tutorials).
  • And on a lighter note: here are a few reasons not to get too drunk with friends.

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