Covering RockEd’s Malinis Please Concert

Last Thursday was THE gig where I was handed my first media pass, at RockEd’s Malinis Please: A gathering of Rock Ed artists for clean and honest elections. Muchos gracias to Beng and Aggie for giving me the opportunity, and I was glad to shoot somewhere else than my comfy Eastwood City location (where I work).

Kids at MALINIS PLEASE, A Gathering of Rock Ed Artists

I’ve never been to the Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City, which was more familiar, and notorious as well, as that place where some rock rag holds their annual bandfests. So I wasn’t surprised to see the kind of crowd loitering outside the venue: it was a free gig anyway, and they’d only require a valid ID to enter. Also, it was supposed to be white t-shirt night, but then I haven’t had a white shirt to wear outside the confines of my home, so yes, I wore the color that all the kids wore.

Joey Ayala at MALINIS PLEASE, A Gathering of Rock Ed Artists

I’ve shot most of the bands before, so I was looking forward for the quieter artists to perform: Joey Ayala, Cynthia Alexander, and Noel Cabangon. Joey and Cynthia weren’t supposed to perform together, but they did, and Noel was slated as the latest performer for the concert, but I decided to end the shoot around 1am, since I still had work at 5am later that day.

The sudden rain around Kjwan’s set made the photographic conditions more interesting, but: I didn’t have a jacket or anything to cover my DSLR camera, and my Yashica RF didn’t fare well with the humid and rainy temperature, deeming all my film shots crap. So I was a reluctant basang sisiw with my companion for the night Kookie under the stage. Realizing that I had a media pass, I decided to go up the stage when Giniling Festival were up.

Overall, it was a good, interesting gig, rain and lack of ideal concert gear (I need a fast tele lens, dammit) notwithstanding.

View the entire photoset here. Feedback is encouraged and welcome 🙂


And on a related note, voting at my town in Guiguinto (Bulacan) was as easy as taking a quick leak at a public restroom.

4 thoughts on “Covering RockEd’s Malinis Please Concert”

  1. Yes it does, Kat, pero madalas naman dito sa Libis, basta naka DSLR ka, pinapasingit ka to shoot at better angles nearer the stage, and it also works best if you have an understanding with the other DSLR toters at the venue para malaman nga ng security na siguro di lang naka-ID tong mga to, pero media sila 🙂

    Pero for a large-scale concert, or for big artists, a press pass is a huge advantage 🙂

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