Been Away Long, I Know: Some Updates

Cosplayers at ToyCon 2007
A scaled-down Optimus Prime at the recently held ToyCon 2007 at Megamall

  • The online life is now 50% Multiply, 30% Flickr, 10% for this blog, and the last 10% for everything else, including browsing through my Bloglines subscriptions, and ToyKameraPilipinas/RFilipinas. Makes less and less sense to keep this site, pay for the domain and hosting, etc., but lets just consider this a phase; phases could go on pretty long, though.
  • Pre-photography, I did have a collective of good friends I hung out with from the office. Last Friday, I shunned all other event/gig/group photo-ops, and decided to take part in a surprise birthday party for ex-officemate Maya. Photos here.

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