Kapuso Olympics 2007

joyce jimenez

Trying my hand at event photography. Now, need stofen diffuser; couldn’t get my flash to go as wide as I can. Shot for PSICOM Publishing, thought its hard to consider this as a real raket. Practice lang!

Oh, though I hate the long-sleeved shirt + fisherman’s cap fashion, I think I need to adapt to that: I got effing sunburnt.

Photos here.

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5 thoughts on “Kapuso Olympics 2007”

  1. I envy your opportunities to go to this kind of events. Anyway, there’s just something I noticed, ba’t parang panay babae lng ang nasa picture? hehehe

  2. Hahaha! I would be more surprised kung puro dudes ang kinukuha ni rain.

    I heard mahirap talga kumuha ng mga shots mas lalo na kung sa mga events na ganyan. Unahan talga kayo para makakuha ng perfect shot.

    BTW, I see that you will be attending the Taste Asia event this coming July 3. I will also be attending the said event. See you there!

  3. See ya Karlo. Been out of the blogging scene too long, and all it took to get me back would be free food. Hehe.

    Sana madami chicks magtanong re photography, at bakit meron akong cd sleeves sa flash ng camera ko 🙂

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