707 International Nana Day Philippines

707 International Nana Day Philippines
Adi of 3 Day Trial at 707 International Nana Day Philippines at Metrowalk, Ortigas, Manila

I havent run through the entire FAQ from the Nana Philippines site, but since I did manage to get a free pass, I’m excited anyway. All I know is this was a J-rock-slash-cosplay event, and it looks very promising as an event shoot. But even before I got it the venue last Saturday, I was given this designation: official photographer for the international cosplay competition. Uhm, right. Good thing I know what cosplay meant.

I joke, I kid 🙂

This was a joyful, tension-free event, but of course thats coming from a spectator point-of-view. The bands played music that I probably need to get used to, since I’ve been covering events like this actively now, but special mention has to be given to 3 Day Trial, where Adi -my Flickr contact to the event- practically had the photographers go gaga taking photos. And yes, I’m unfamiliar with the genre, but their set was pop-rocky impressive.

And… thats it. Glad to meet new friends from the community (Adi of course, Cha), take photos with the Flickr people(Takejiro [my impromptu model!], Tirong, Angrylittleboy), and to immerse myself again into this wonderful youth subculture.

Photos here.

4 thoughts on “707 International Nana Day Philippines”

  1. you were lugging around a big ass camera that’s why you got picked. 🙂
    i thought i saw angrylittleboy back there but i wasn’t sure it was him.
    j-rock is not easy to appreciate. because it’s usually associated with anime, many people brush it off as something childish. if you listen closely, you’ll
    realize that the bands are very good and talented. it’s actually difficult to
    cover j-songs and sing the lyrics with a pinoy tongue. 🙂

    great pics by the way!

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