This Week: Rocked Age, Flickr is Going To Manila, and More Cosplay

Dong Abay at the Rocked Age Exhibit
Dong Abay sings at the Rocked Age exhibit

Went to the ROCKED AGE: Images of Loud Music Exhibit last Thursday at the Metropolitan Museum. I made my write-up over here, but didn’t do a critique of the show itself. What do I think? Maybe because I was spoiled in college to lots of modern and conceptual art, that its difficult for me to get into anything else but that. And thats what I THINK.

Flickr photoset of the event over here.


BREAKING NEWS: Flickr is going to Manila!

For those of you who are in the Manila area, myself and several of my colleagues are going to host a real Flickr meet up to celebrate the 24 Hours of Flickr book and talk more about Flickr International. I’d love to meet as many of you as possible. So mark this down on your calendars! Saturday, August 25. More information to come soon.

Posted over at the Flickr Philippines group by Manny V.

Just in time to wear the Flickrista shirt 🙂


Will be going to a cosplay event at Robinson’s Galleria later in the day, organized by MyDestiny. Marketing for the said event looks non-existent from the cosplayer-curious, but the forums has a thread on it, and it looks like some are excited.

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