Effinboiche at Club Dredd

It all started when Tirong and I saw Effinboiche perform at a cosplay event. I told him: Dude, they have to be from Laguna.

They are, and they easily impressed me with a very promising set of songs, from what looks like a pretty young roster of musicians. A web search was in order, and after some time scouring Youtube for their videos, and finding Alex, their vocalist/guitarist over at Multiply, I asked if they were playing anywhere near Libis, QC soon: they were slated to play at Club Dredd, last Friday.

After a quick talk with the boss about a half-day leave, an aborted mini-reunion with ex-officemates, I did find myself waiting until one in the morning to watch Effinboiche again.

Effinboiche at Club Dredd

And the story, somehow, continues over at this Multiply blog post.

More photos of the band at this Flickr photo-set.

Effinboiche is online at MySpace, and you can sample the songs over here.

Read a feature on Inquirer about the band, and help and vote for them for the WBOB 2007 with instructions here.

4 thoughts on “Effinboiche at Club Dredd”

  1. Oi Ryan, my pleasure. They’re more than deserving to get their needed exposure. Di hamak naman na mas may talent kina Alex kumpara sa iba dyang di ko alam kung bakit pinagaksayahan ng pera at nagka-album pa *rolls eyes*

  2. emosucks: I didn’t go to the original Club Dredd. Heck, the only time I went to Mayric’s was when I was working already.

    I do know the story of the old Club Dredd, and its demise, hence I think I know where you’re coming from re your reference to a ‘betrayal‘. Its reincarnation here in Libis took most people by surprise, being a very unlikely location for it, but Patrick Reidenbach IS behind it, and AFAIK, he does have the right to revive it whatever way he pleases.

    As far as being a loyal patron of the nineties, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that, but I lived through the 90s, was and is still a rock fan, and have been trying to look for sources of music from that era that only a handful seem to remember now. As far as Gen X goes, well thats just a label I don’t even want to be associated to 🙂

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