All This Useless Beauty Exhibit/Sonic Youth Night

All This Useless Beauty Exhibit/Sonic Youth Night

From the artist’s website:

All This Useless Beauty at Mag:net Katipunan on September 8 to 25 of this year 2007.

(with apologies to Mr. Martin Creed and to Mr. Elvis Costello)

This will be the worst exhibit you’ll ever see. Disappointment looms heavy. Why bother anyway?


Attended and shot a few photos of the exhibit and the Sonic Youth Night gig right after the exhibit opening.

Exhibit flyer here, Lena’s photo-docu of her night here.

More of my pictures over here, with some more commentary of the event, which doesn’t cover a lot as to the merits of the exhibit (incompetent art pundit here); decided to talk about being with the old college kids again instead.

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