Not Exactly Narda at Route 196’s Helter Shelter Night

Helter Shelter @ Route 196: Duster

Funny that I should be semi-active in the rock scene coverage well past my twenties. My best friend, a year or two younger than me, was telling me how she’d go to the old Club Dredd back when she was in high school. Now she has pussycatdolls on her PDA. Ugh.

So Saguijo appears to be, hands-down, the venue of choice for anyone who’d like to watch the better bands of the local rock scene perform. Been there once at the last Narda gig, and got engulfed in the vibe of things. No complaints, except for the proximity. And that’s why this other venue, Route 196 in Katipunan, QC, became an enticing option.

See, Club Dredd being a 5 minute walk away from the office is rad and all, but there’s an observed slow acceptance of it being the legit predecessor of the original venue. Same owner, but too posh a location. Route 196, on the other hand, is a 10-minute ride away, and has built a reputation as being an very viable alternative joint for us northerners. So, what prompted me to go there yesterday?

Members of the now-defunct Narda (view this blog’s Narda archives), in one gig.

Ok, they’ll be performing in different bands, and hopes are non-existent that they’d do an impromptu reunion, but this is the closest you’d ever get to that.

Ryan (Narda songwriter, drummer) played guitar for Area 5, and pleasantly surprised by dishing out Meron Ba? from the A Postcard From EP. Stopped shooting for a bit while that was playing. No tears, just a wide grin.

Second act Paofario Diaz was another surprise: this was a solo vocal dude with what looks like a sampler filled with mixes that reminded me of some Phoenix and Tahiti 80 songs. Pretty interesting, plus points for the pop-enough melodies, and all-Tagalog lyrics.

Next: The Dorques. I now remember their songs, so I believe that means their catchy. Tani (last Narda guitarist) was doing second guitar and keybooards. Frontman reminds me of the Cake lead.

And minutes before Duster went on stage, Katwo greeted me, though we haven’t met before. The same Katwo I stood for 5 hours in a prime location at Fete dela Musique 2005 to watch? Not exactly: I went to see the band back then 🙂 Halfway during the Duster set, Katwo pointed me out to the crowd and told everyone na magaling (I think) akong mag-shoot. Err, I should’ve worn a better t-shirt that night.

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