My First Published Photos

First Published Photos Yo!

Its almost October, but anyway. please get a copy of the August-September issue of Manifesto Magazine (from the C! Magazine family), the one with Bea Vaca on the cover. I have my first set of photos published on a glossy publication there.

Writer Inigo Roces asked for my photos of the last Narda gig a couple of months back, and since I’m almost always OK with CREDITED photos, I obliged. Been a long wait, not 100% happy with the layout, but, like I’ve always told myself, I don’t do any self-promotion with my photographic output, except putting them out on the web on Flickr and Multiply, and I do get offers for publication, work, etc.

Read about Narda’s farewell gig here.

6 thoughts on “My First Published Photos”

  1. i just recently got a copy; really nice Rainier LOL!

    although, i have to admit, i prefer the MRT pixies you had with them. and yeah … what i said is irrelevant on what was needed for the article.

    either way, katwo looks smashing on both pix sets.

  2. maya: Salamat, kuripot mayapanget!

    sanners: Katwo is WUV. Hehe. I wouldn’t have shown those photos nga on Flickr, except that, the main photo was my last ever photo of them together, but I prefer another photo (with Conrad on bass). Oh well, next time.

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