Slowly finding my way back to the movies

I was shooed away from a Cine Europa 2007 film fest screening because I was thirty minutes late to the scheduled distribution of the free tickets, which was slated at two hours before the movie screening.

Alright, I wasn’t really sent off scampering the Shangri-la mall floors, but this was the only film I really wanted to see among the festival offerings, and I schemed days ahead on how to work this around work and my daily commute. The movie was La Môme, the Edith Piaf biopic.

La Môme movie trailer

In a fit of payback, I fired up Deluge on my newly installed Xubuntu Linux box and waited for about a day for the torrent to complete. Give a few minutes searching for an apt subtitle file, and I was in business.

And was it worth the wait? I’d agree with the critics proclaiming Marion Cotillard giving the best performance seen in years, but I wasn’t 100% sold on the movie: I’m about 4/5’s there, though, and I’d be willing to have this shown off to the curious.


I’ve had about roughly a hundred discs of archives of videos of movies -from avi’s to vcd’s- collected since we had the now antiquated cd burner for the home computer, which used to cost more than the current price of 2 DVD burners. I got to test a handful last Tuesday, and found that some are in really bad condition, that I really wouldn’t bother to salvage them, mainly because 1) that was about the time getting good movies on good media (DVD) wasn’t a convenient option; and 2) my being on a non-dial up connection anymore. I had to let out sighs of dismay that I had to lose copies of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and Miike Takashi’s fun/funny/ultra-violent Ichii The Killer.

Oh, I hope my stance on piracy is clear: if it will cost me an arm, a leg, a huge chunk of my already meager salary to get the film, the music I want, I’d resort to other more popular means. If it’s readily available in local stores at reasonable prices, count me in. Considering my off-the-mark taste in ‘most everything though, well…

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