Last November Weekend Photoshoot

This post was updated today, November 28.

RF Family

Rica, Uro, Wam, Dennis, Gerry, myself, Jay
Photo by Jake using a Fujica G 690 (a 6×9 rangefinder camera)

Went to Lake Lumot (the lake above Lake Caliraya) in Laguna, and got on a boat ride around the place. Had lunch at Lucban, Quezon, walked-and-shot around the Lucban Church, stopped over a bunch of laundrywomen washing clothes in flooded rivers, kids bathing, and a significant roadsign. Ended the day with dinner at Angono, Rizal, at Balaw Balaw, where I was tempted to eat crickets (camaro), which I remember snacking on while watching TV a long time ago.

Thanks to RFilipinas and Uro for the treat!


Uro posted his photos already here.

Dennis, myself, Jay, and Jake

Photo by Uro

The significance of this signpost is that it was the same signpost where Teodulo Protomartir had his photo taken 70+ years ago. More on Protomartir here.

Wam has posted his photos, and so did Jay.

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  1. Hi Mr. Contreras, I just recently learned about your interest in my grandfather, Teodulo Protomartir Sr. In fact, the whole family was just informed. After the google search, my heart was just full of joy because my grandfather was a man who focused on his craft and not on being famous. He was a humble man, and he truly dedicated his life in photography. I hope that you would continue to appreciate his legacy. Thank you, Victoria (choy chee as he calls me).

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