Spending New Year’s Eve at Work

Ok, not really. I spent the new year’s festivities near work. I get off work at 11PM, and since Eastwood City seems to always throw a party at every special occasion, I didn’t even bother to plan what I’d do that evening, except to take pictures.

Brigada performing at Eastwood City’s New Year Countdown to 2008

I’m glad I just stayed conveniently around 100 steps away from my office.



Usually, if I don’t like the band performing, I won’t shoot them, unless there’s something that would spark my interest. Hence, I look around and look for interesting scenes. Here was one of the first sights that looked photogenic:

Eastwood City's New Year Countdown to 2008

A small group of girls with jester hats sipping sweet cold coffee. Then they noticed I was shooting:

Eastwood City's New Year Countdown to 2008

The moment was blush-worthy: an awfully sweet smile from a cute girl directed at me. On hindsight, no, the smile wasn’t AT ME, but at the persona I exuded. I guess I did look too much a photographer than anyone else, with my getting near all my subjects as much as possible, and my semi-huge gear. I got the usual “You shoot for ___ ?” question from someone who looked like she was part of the ABS-CBN staff covering the event.

Maybe I should do this thing and make money out of it already. I don’t think my photos are THAT bad, anyway.

10 thoughts on “Spending New Year’s Eve at Work”

  1. Yeah, you should make money out of those. As for me, I’m just getting started. I’ll be buying my first DSLR in a week and I’m undecided on what to get. D40x, 400D or K100D Super? I’m leaning towards the pentax one at the moment. Any advice?

  2. The only Pentax worth getting nowadays, for me anwyay, is the K10D. Otherwise, I’d get the D40 for convenience (not the D40x), or 400D for flexibility with most lenses made for its mount. If I had spare money, I’d most probably get a D40 and an ultra-wide zoom 🙂

  3. Tama lang bro, I’m sure kikita ka if you decide to go pro (or semi-pro). 🙂 Btw, nakuha mo ba yung email and mobile phone ng smiling cute girl para napadala mo sa kanya yung kuha mo? Hehehe. 😉

  4. j: You are always half-sensible.

    Jonas: Tingnan natin. Sa ngayon kasi, I really don’t see myself na tipong going commercial e. Ang pinaka-heart kasi ng paglilitrato ko kasi yung observer/spectator king, mala-photojournalism nga.

    Di nga e! I bet she’s like half my age, though hehehe

  5. Rain, finally I got a D40 kit. almost 2 years in the making din to. next time nalang yung ultra-wide zoom. nagsisimula palang eh. hehe.

  6. Mayapanget: Porke’t you’re engaged, iba ka na. Tsk tsk. Yep, pwedeng smile-of-the-year-to-a-photographer nga e :p

    Kates: Good choice! Kung may spare money ako, baka bili din ako nyan tapos wide zoom lens o, pang “point-and-shoot” hehe. Oo nga, tagal na natin usapan yan.

    Jelax: Tingnnan na lang natin. Happy new year din! Well, medyo pahinga ng konti muna 🙂

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