Endings Of A New Kind

Taken By Cars
Taken By Cars

It has been a long time since I bought a real-deal audio cd, but I just did last Saturday.

It was the second leg of the Taken By Cars: Endings of a New Kind Bar Tour, at Route 196 in Katipunan Ave., QC, and I did intentionally plan ahead for the gig. Oh yeah, having Duster on the band roster surely helped.

Not being able to see Ang Bandang Shirley was a bummer, since I was half-hoping to meet Jing, their bassist, who I’ve corresponded with over at Multiply over music, mostly. Chillitees were dishing out their set when I arrived; this turned out to be prep-up time, and where the decision to go for an all-flash shoot was set. The good shots only started with Duster’s set.


Katwo always had the best pre-set, mid-set, post-set spiels. She told the audience about someone exclaiming that Sarah, Taken By Cars vocalist, closely resembled Sheryl Manson, who was supposed to be Garbage’s singer, only realizing right after that its Shirley, not Sheryl. Ha!

Imago then Cambio followed. I’m not exactly sure what happened around this time, but I only came up with a photo of each that’s web-worthy to my standards.

I was disappointed to see that not everyone stood up for the Taken By Cars set, though I was tempted to throw a suggestion at Sarah to ask people to abandon their tables and dance along.

And what about the record? Endings of a New Kind is a great debut album, with music easy to pinpoint as reminiscent of more current artists, but unique in way where I believe it wouldn’t sound dated if I get to hear it half a decade from now. Definitely dance-y, but the lyrics seem to absent with anything to be joyous about. This is very much like when you want to dance all the sadness away.

The entire photoset can be found here.

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  1. Rain pakalat kalat blog mo .. hehehe… I was lurking around and saw duster.. nice shots man .. music scene is really your thing. thumbs up and shoot em up!


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