The Narda Reunion Gig

I’m usually on my way home around this early Saturday morning, tired from shooting a gig. However, I’m holed up here, alone, at the office, toiling the night shift.

See, I swapped my Saturday night work restday for the Narda Reunion Gig, aka Narda (for) One Night Only.


Oh, where do I start.

How about this: even if I do see the members of Narda with their own bands (Katwo with Duster, Ryan with Area 5, and Tani with The Vince Noir Project), that Thrusday night event was a must-see: I’m a fanboy, and thats the thought-trail that fanboys subsist on.

Ang Bandang Shirley
Owel and Jing of Ang Bandang Shirley. I’ve corresponded with Jing before during Narda’s Formika days.

The lineup was great as well. I can say I’m an unabashed follower of Ang Bandang Shirley, and would, surely, get their album when it comes out. Their Sa Madaling Salita ditty has been my ring AND message tone for some time now.

Taken By Cars
Taken By Cars

And then there was Taken By Cars. And there’s the magnetic Sarah. Photography geek-note: her skin color is just perfect for small-club flash photography. Glad the glaring red spotlight didn’t fall too often on her.

Mich Dulce + Quark Henares of Us-2 Evil-0

I didn’t know anything about Us-2 Evil-0, but Cris of Revolver Prod gave me the lowdown: Quark (Blast Ople) + Mich (Death By Tampon) et al = Mates of State/Rainer Maria soundalikes. I love the old boy/girl indie-rock of Rainer Maria, but I don’t want to peg my hopes too high.

This was about the time my on-camera flash wouldn’t fire, which I believe started when I started detaching it from the body. I missed the first few songs from the band, but caught the last 2-3. I was pleasantly surprised: Us-2 Evil-0 was gooooood.


Pedicab was next. Played new songs, played old songs. Fun band, but I was already gearing up for the night’s highlight.

Then it was the Katwo, Ryan, Tani and Jep team. Yep, its Narda, the Discotillion-era lineup.





After every song, Katwo got into an amusing we-didn’t-fuck-up-the-song giddiness. She was definitely on high-octane mode, and the rest of the band had the same energy output, despite a handful of ultiamtely forgivable some missed notes. The set was a don’t-care-for-anything-set from a fan perspective: this is, supposedly (!), for one night ONLY, and so the reunion itself was something we should be thankful for.

PS: I’d easily award Mrs. Puertollano the most enigmatic frontwoman of local rock, with the best pre-set, within-set, post-set spiels. She does this with Duster, too, so be sure to watch out for any of their gigs. And I was invited by Chuckie to visit Ryan’s bar Rory’s in Katipunan, near Bo’s Coffee, so that should be another place to remember when I ever get to actually socialize.

9 thoughts on “The Narda Reunion Gig”

  1. I use flash with a reflector (flip-it) in club gigs. Its really the only consistent way you can get around the
    usually red-tinted lights in places like Dredd and Saguijo.

    You should be fine with the kit lens. I had a period where I needed my Sigma (17-70mm f2.8-f4.5) cleaned, and used my kit lens for a time. You should even be on better ground, because the reviews for the D40 kit lens has been very positive.

    Hope that helps.

  2. many thanks sir, very helpful yung tip. mukang mapapakinabangan ko talaga ng husto ‘tong kit lens. gonna go flash-hunting instead of getting a fast lens that doesn’t AF. mas kelangan ko nga yata ng ilaw. thanks ulit.

  3. Wag mong pagkalat yun tip na yan a, tayo tayo lang hehe. Ang problema nga lang, ang mahal din ng flash. And don’t hesitate na kalabitin ako pag nagkasabay tayo magshoot ng gig.

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