Paramita Sophomore Album Launch

Ria Bautista of Paramita

Despite the difficulty of securing a convenient shooting position at Route 196, I know I had to make-do of what I can manage. Thankfully, when it came to Paramita’s set, the second Ria said something like, “O kanina pa kayo nakaupo dyan e!“, I knew I was in for a killer vantage point.

And so, black-and-white seems to be the official theme of album launches.

Photo slideshow of the sophomore album launch gig of Paramita here.

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4 thoughts on “Paramita Sophomore Album Launch

  1. […] launch is the second leg of the two-part series where the first one was held in Route 196 which Rain Contreras […]

  2. bananagirl says:

    darn…ria is soo hot…i like her!

  3. emman says:

    i love you Ria Balik k s malolos

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