The ToyCon 2008 Ladies


So I did go yesterday to ToyCon at Megamall (photos from last year’s ToyCon). And all I have to show now are 5 photos of 6 awesome cosplay ladies.



Yellow 4



Anecdote of the day would be when I was telling Tza (girl in last photo) how she looked familiar when I asked her to stop for a minute so I could shoot her:

ME: Nasa Multiply ka di ba?
TZA: Oo.
ME: Ano username mo?
TZA: (hesitant for a few seconds, and then she mentioned her account name, which I actually don’t remember, and can’t verify at that exact moment)
ME: Ah. Friends tayo dun. Ako si Rain Contreras.
TZA: Sir Rain!

Err, maybe I should make it a point to shave next time.

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3 thoughts on “The ToyCon 2008 Ladies

  1. j says:

    uy si alodia oh 🙂

  2. Sonny Thakur says:

    Dude, I totally feel you on the “I should shave” part haha.

  3. rain says:

    Sonny: Mwahahahahaha. Ok lang, ganun talaga e. Oh well.

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