This came in the mail last week

This came in the mail today...

I was contacted a few months back by a photo researcher re this photo from a gig I shot in Shanghai, China. Permission was granted, and photo credit will be made. I think there was some compensation agreed upon as well, but I guess I have to follow up on that detail of agreement.

I was promised a copy of the book as well. About a month ago, I was contacted by an online friend that he received the book (since he had some photos published on the book as well), and he wasn’t very pleased about how the conditions he arranged with the researcher wasn’t realized, since he had some photos published on the book as well.

And my copy of the book just arrived last week.

... and the book has a photo I took, see.

My name was printed along with the other “contributors” on the back page of the book. Definitely not happy with that.


3 thoughts on “This came in the mail last week

  1. Major Tom says:

    I hope you would be more cautious next time. But it’s still an honor to be included in the compilation.

  2. j says:

    well at least its in a book now 🙂

  3. rain says:

    Yes Major Tom sure will.

    Yeah, J. Oh well.

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