Now Doesn’t This Look Familiar: On Keeping Up With the Blogosphere

Right after the re-design, comes two other things: the revival of the blogroll, and the sidebar ads. 

The Blogroll is Dead!

Google that statement, and one would be surprised as to the results. But the reason I decided to revive mine is more for personal reasons, mainly: even after being inactive in the local blogging scenes, I have been privileged to be invited to blogger events and travels, and keeping up a network, no matter how internets-primitive it is, should be practiced. It will be easier, and more substantial, to have the links work out on posts, but let’s be practical and organized here. 

Ads! Ads! Ads!

I got invited for BlogBank (thanks Markku!) and signed up for Nuffnang. Lets hope they can help me in my out-of-poverty blog-scheme. 



Do expect regular updates from hereon, unless I decide to be a hermit again.


4 thoughts on “Now Doesn’t This Look Familiar: On Keeping Up With the Blogosphere

  1. Jonas says:

    Nice Rain, I love the redesign. So does this mean you’ll write as much as you’ll upload pics? 😀 See you next week!

  2. rain says:

    Uy salamat mehn! Kung pansin mo I don’t upload photos na rin masyado. Soon siguro hehe

  3. Maya says:

    hi rainpanget! it’s been a while since i visited your pangetblog! i like the layout better than the old one. 😀 heheheh
    how’s the money coming in via the ads? need to get a sideline too, getting hitched is no big joke.

  4. rain says:

    Mayapanget: Thanks! Uhm, dunno na e. Kelangan gumawa ng SEO tactics na malupit na e.

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