How out of touch are they? Really?

c/o Ederic via Plurk:

A provision to postpone the 2010 presidential elections and extend the terms of office for all elective officials has been inserted into a House Resolution currently pending before the House committee on constitutional amendments…

The chairman of the House panel on constitutional amendments, La Union Rep. Victor Ortega, himself initially denied that any of the bills and resolutions referred to his panel contained a proposal for term-extension.

“The term extension is merely talk, rumors or ‘chismis’. The committee has not received any resolution … for any extension of term. I can assure you that not one member of this committee wants to extend our terms,” Ortega said.

But when Colmenares produced a copy of House Resolution No. 550 filed by Batangas Rep. Hermilando Mandanas, he suddenly changed his tone.

“As far as the committee is concerned, hindi pa talaga napapag-usapan yan. Naka-refer lang pero di pa talaga nade-deliberate,” Ortega said, as he quickly backtracked.

“The committee is not going to act on it (HR 550) until we are finished with all the public hearings. It’s not really a priority,… we will treat all the proposed measures equally,” he told reporters in an interview…


I just find it so frustrating to read on Philippine politics these days.

See, I don’t read much on American politics anymore, though I was stuck to it pre-2008 elections. I didn’t think it was that inspirational as most would have attached themselves to the topic, but it was definitely a spectacle you can’t take your eyes off of. During that period, I was in limbo re local news, but it doesn’t seem anything was worth of note, except more scandals, and more WTF moments of the Arroyo presidency. Media coverage is laughable, too, when headlines of the First Gentlemen getting the runs and being hospitalized for it is the news of the day.

Independent media/journalists FTW!

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  1. not just power hungry, they’re super greedy. (basta lang makapag-comment within topic) hahah

    rain, you still have my number? text me naman. my phone gave up on me. need to give you something.

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