The Weeks That Were

Now that I have the moving-site part of my website life over, I know I just have to revitalize whatever’s left of my blogging life.

Let’s start with my first fugly self-portrait, post-birthday:



These are with cheap glasses that didn’t last long. Phooey. And that hair! Been wearing a bonnet since, and its a weather-apt fashion accessory anyway.

And how about where I was and what I did last Saturday? I saw something to behold…


You can clearly see Bing (from our Rangefinder Filipinas group) there with his new and proud acquisition, a Deardorff large format camera. And that’s anti-Lomo head Jay Javier’s err head, inspecting the lens.


‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, and unsurprisingly I didn’t go to the one held by the company I work for. Though, yes, sure, I’ll go to our little gathering with workmates. I might even take pictures.

Later though, I might find myself in a band org Christmas party. Just maybe.

5 thoughts on “The Weeks That Were”

  1. I don’t know about the models & stuff, but my cousin has a camera like that from her lola. I don’t know if it’s working though, and it’s smaller.

  2. E if he/she is willing to find a seller para magamit, inform me hehehe I’m not too keen on getting one though. For a large format camera, its 100p pero photo.

    Though the camera you may be talking about would be a medium format one, that’d be interesting, and cheaper to use too.

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