On Christmas Eve 2008, So Far

I rarely do about-work posts, but I’ll give myself some leeway this time. Yes, here’s another photo of my face plastered on this blog, and this odd frequency, I hope, will not happen anytime again soon. Three photos of myself in three separate entries on one entire page is just way too much.

NOC Christmas Party 2008

At the NOC Christmas Party 2008

Taken at the office Christmas party, held last night. I currently work as a NOC Engineer for a local BPO, and NO, despite my positioning in the photo, I’m not the boss (the big guy at the back is). Here’s another NO as to where we picked up the girls; they are my groupmates, and thats not saying this is the office where the sissy boys go. Quite honestly, the Libis offices’ chick count starts and stops in the four corners where my team works.

And YES, the obligatory gifts came and went, but I was too occupied to look for kris kringle items, hence they were replaced by crispy and red 50 peso bills. And another YES to the fact that I haven’t been in a voluntary gift-giving mode for a long time, and despite jeers from the girls, I don’t think that mode will ever appear. Its just contradictory to the HUMBUG position that I’ve always taken.

To conclude, I had the leftover hamonado for breakfast (at 2PM, Christmas eve), and here’s me greeting you, oh dear reader, to enjoy the holidays in any form of your liking.

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  1. Happy Christmas Ate! Di ko alam, si Kuya naman ang nage-entertain ng guests e.

    Tingnan mo na lang yung latest post, may pictures ng mga pamangkin natin dun!

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