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As a recent site owner who has decided to move to another hosting service and domain registrar, I found myself searching the web for weeks for the best and most sensible deals. And though I want to be thorough, I also wanted to get a quick glimpse of hosting reviews, and which ones are rated the best. One of the sites I did see during my research was WebHostingChoice, at http://www.webhostingchoice.com.

Their Best 10 Web Hosting Sites chart, which was an eye-catching feature on their landing page, had me checking each item on the list for more info, and I did eventually visit each site. I would prefer an advanced view as well on the specifics of their ratings though, presented along with the basic info already given on each hosting service.

For newbies though, the site’s Learning Center is a must-visit, as it gives a concise view of what any site owner should know, from a FAQ section which goes through the basic technicalities a starting site-owner should know, to known Scams (the myth of unlimited storage and bandwidth, etc.), advice re Cheap Web Hosting, and helpful links via their Resources page.

Easily, WebHostingChoice is a good basic resource and starting point for a beginner who’d want to research on starting a website, without having to read pages and pages of technical info. However, for someone who’s been online for almost a decade, like yours truly, detailed statistics on their updated Best 10 chart would prove to be a better selling point for repeat visits.

4 thoughts on “Sponsored Post: WebHostingChoice Review”

  1. Hey Rain, long time no hear. A few months ago a friend mentioned that brutalgrace was shooting their wedding. Remember her? Damn! Znj message board flashback!

    Good times.

    Anyway, I digress. What I wanted to ask was how come I don’t see your new webhost of choice from the best 10 mentioned? Has the list shifted or did you decide based on some other factor?

    And by the way, have you seen this??? I knew there were old Narda videos out there but this is the first time I’ve landed one since Leave and Disquiet.

  2. Hey man. Uhm, this is a sponsored post, so… yeah, I got paid for making that site review 🙂

    WHOA. First time I saw it. I’ll be posting this on my Multiply. Would love to see Katwo’s reaction hehehe

  3. MY BAD. I guess this is a perfect example of the gray ethics of sponsored blogging. I honestly thought this was an endorsement of sorts, specially, given your recent site move. Anyway, I’ll be sure to take note of these entries in the future and treat them accordingly. (PS You might want to rethink this whole sponsorship gig. I’m just saying…) 🙂

    Anyway, have you seen the Narda mailing list lately??? It’s been overrun by bots!!!

  4. Well, when I was looking for a new host, I actually did see this site, and put their points into consideration. Ok for noobs, but not for someone who’s been online as long as I have 🙂

    Ahh, yeah. Sayang nga e.

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