My Top 5 in Music 2008: #3 Still Listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered Podcast

I can’t say I agree with host Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast when it comes to the music he chooses to play. He seems to be largely influenced by a past generation, someone who probably has a collection ranging from pre freak-folk, Eno-era ambient, to the real-deal music from Africa, but would consider even acts like Kanye West commendable. For that reason, I listen to him, because I do want to discover new music, I don’t always want to listen to someone I would know I’d agree with.

Here’s a shortlist of old and new artists/bands I liked/found/re-discovered interesting from last year who were featured on the podcast:

Bon Iver (intense and sentimental, like a high-pitched Elliot Smith)
Girl Talk (proves everything can be sampled and mixed, but then, I eventually found his music not any different from those I hear blasted on Cubao jeeps)
Land of Talk (beautifully-voiced pop, with an MOR taint)
Modeselektor (relentless and obvious dance music, from the DJ Thom York episode)
Ray Charles (Ray Davies [from The Kinks], and Randy Newman, who both guest DJ’d, love the guy)
Public Enemy (fine vintage hiphop from the show where Portishead sat in as guest DJ)
Erik Satie as performed by Reinbert DeLeeuw (extremely slow, brooding classical music, the sort that makes you want to watch life go by)
Krallice (fierce metal, but so unlike its chosen genre’s cohorts)

There were also some jazz featured on the show I need to review. Its all part of a music re-education, and this is really something you should do yourself as a favor, be it in some other form.

Essential episodes from last year:

Guest DJ Thom Yorke

1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die

More Recordings To Hear Before You Die

A Secret Identity Revealed, The ‘Footloose’ Soundtrack Stripped Bare, More

The ’80s: Were They Really That Bad?

The Year In Music From All Songs Considered

Viking’s Choice: A Year Of Beautiful Noise

Music to Fall in Love With

I have not listened to the last episode on the list, but just looking at that artist roster, and considering its nearing Valentine’s, maybe I should.

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