Oh Today I Might As Well Blog

Hello folks who swing by this online space I pay for. I just updated the software running it, so that does mean I still care, in a way.

Its a Friday afternoon, and I’m at home, having awoken an hour or so shy of noontime, and I haven’t really left the computer except when I was cooking rice and reheating days-old adobong sitaw. We currently have an abundance of uwi food at home, so there really is no need to do the groceries this week.

I haven’t been around the rock clubs, too, and its apparent by just looking at my Flickr photostream.I haven’t manhandled my camera/s like I used to. There is a reason for that, but I’m not telling yet. Definitely, its not a super secret project, cult, mission, or what-have-you. Before or after work, you would just find me commuting to places, dining alone, or walking semi-aimlessly in malls.


As far as music goes, I already got Duster‘s Sweetheart Snackbar cd (ooh chance for old photo insert to blog entry), but haven’t listened much to it. On an audio-related note, I’m done with Neil Gaiman’s Coraline audiobook, and I’m prep’d for Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach. Everything’s done on a non-dedicated portable music player, and thats my almost 3 month old phone (Nokia E63). That also includes my re-listening of radio, and radio talkshows.

Last night I just experienced a video conversation over the internet (I’m a geek, I know what how its called, but I want to use simple terms, ok, thanks) using Skype, with my parents who are in the US. I was using equipment that are about a Chickenjoy meal’s price from one thousand pesos, and my broadband at home isn’t the fastest around as well. The technicians blame it on the trees interfering with the signals.

Read this far? Thanks. Until the next random update.

5 thoughts on “Oh Today I Might As Well Blog”

  1. hey rain,
    how do you go about e-books? i mean, you download them, right? where? is it for free? the guy whose surname i use got himself an i-touch thing and i’m thinking of ways to use it.

    yes, you know me. techie-challenged, thanks.


    p.s. send my condolences to your friend pia arroyo-magalona

  2. ipod touch? Yaman naman

    There are free ebooks, and there are paid ebooks (that you know, you can, you know). Lots of free ebooks sites by just googling it. I have issues with this because of the format, and screen size limitation, contrast between text and screen, etc.

    As for audiobooks, there are free ones and paid ones as well. i prefer these, best for commuting 🙂 Here’s the direct link to the free ones: http://librivox.org/newcatalog/search.php?title=&author=&status=complete&action=Search

    I actually haven’t messaged her yet…

  3. the ipod touch is hulugan. he bought it from a friend to help her out (she needed money at the time to pay for her son’s tuition at admu.).

    cheri = unemployed
    unemployed = freeloader,
    cheri = freeloader

    well, she may not have time to read them right now but it would be a nice gesture to leave a message, unless you’re planning to pay your respects at white plains.

  4. ADMU pa kasi. Sa PUP 500p lang tuition e hehe. Kahit minimum wage ka pag-graduate mo, bawi ka.

    And yes, I left a message na lang on her Facebook 🙂 I’m not sure if I have her number pa e.

  5. ambisyoza sila e. marunong ka pa ;p

    i was able to trace her husband’s multiply account but i wasnt sure if it was appropriate to leave a message there.

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