Gadget Review: SanDisk Sansa Clip

Sansa Clip
Sansa Clip from Sandisk

The last mp3 player I had -and still have with me- was a 1GB Creative Zen Stone. Cheap, of reasonable quality, and perfect for my daily commutes. I had a 40GB iPod 4th gen previous to that, the drastic drop in storage needed adjustment, but all I had to think about was how my first portable media player was: a TAPE Walkman.

Presently, my Nokia E63 was my all-in-one gadget, but I know how the sound jack it has was pretty off when I listen to music, radio, or an audio book, even with good earphones. The phone wasn’t meant for that purpose, so its not at fault.

My initial choices consisted of the usual devices that pretty much derive its features from the evolved iPod Nano concept: same storage capacity (4GB-8GB), same candybar phone-sized screen, video capability. I didn’t allot a generous budget for this purchase, so there’s also that to consider, which also does easily cancel out what would be the most obvious choice for me: a 160GB iPod Classic.

I saw the Sansa Clip device being sold over at TipidPC before, but didn’t really put it up as a candidate. That is, until the day I realized I didn’t need one common feature that comes standard now with media players: VIDEO. My phone has video capabilities already, and even with that, I don’t use the feature as much.

So there’s my story, here’s the brief review:

  • Sound quality is the best I’ve heard on ANY player I’ve had my hands on.
  • Has an equalizer with presets, and a custom preset as well.
  • You can record radio broadcasts! This would be so cool if only we had really good radio shows to record.
  • Standard audio file tagging is supported, but you wouldn’t need any media player software to transfer files (its all drag-and-drop), unless you want to make playlists. In that case, Windows Media Player and even Winamp will do.
  • Small form factor is well designed, and though I’m researching for a silicone case for this, it doesn’t look like it will scratch easily.
  • Connects to PC via standard mini-USB cable; charges from there, too.

Other features to note:

  • Battery: 15 hours of playback
  • Radio: FM tuner/20 presets
  • Recorder: Built-in microphone
  • File Support: MP3, OGG, FLAC, secure WMA & Audible files

This was chosen as Anythingbutipod‘s #1 mp3 player of 2008. Check the 4 star rating and the detailed user reviews 5 star rating over at Amazon.

Wait, is the unit available locally, you ask? No. So, yes, no warranty to speak of except from a personal one I got from the local seller where I got it from.

Cost: 5k pesos.

More of the Sansa Clip here:

6 thoughts on “Gadget Review: SanDisk Sansa Clip”

  1. nice track…you have there….are you into indie/shoegaze too? hehe. anyway i’m currently on the lookout for this player now. do you know any local stores that sells the clip or clip+? thanks!!!

  2. hey slowdive76

    Yes, started going gaga over Ride back in college. No local stores AFAIK, but I guess you can look it up on or TipidPC.

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