PakbetPodkasts Presents: The Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 1

Introducing the PakbetPodkasts‘s initial episode of The Mega-Pakbet Podcast, where Sonny and J (Gilbz wasn’t around) with our special guests Karen and Joiz.

Where we talk about:

Earth Hour
Plurk, and the Plurk Life
HK Racist Writer Disses On Filipinos, Ownership of Spratlys (
NIN in Manila, the August concert
UP Fair violence

UPDATE: PakbetPodkasts haz website now! Here:


5 thoughts on “PakbetPodkasts Presents: The Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 1

  1. […] why I agreed to it and ended up buying a Logitech USB headset just for this. Just head on over to Rain’s website and listen to the damn thing. It’s kinda snore-inducing but don’t take […]

  2. sanners says:

    we got too much dead-air! yari tayo sa QA n’yan! hrhrhrhr!!

    pero since ish pilot, we’ve got tons of room for improvement!

  3. Deantastic says:

    i-syndicate nyo na itech! 🙂

  4. nan says:

    Fuck did I waste my life this morning. lol. I’m guilty. Til next. 😛

  5. j says:

    whoa comments!

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