PakbetPodkasts: Podcasts from the Non-Leaders of Opinion

Unofficially, Pakbet -composed of five ex-officemates, who’re geek-to-the-bone– has 5 podcast recordings on record, and we’ve released 4, but the official count is really 2.

Does that make sense? Anyway, I’ll list the official ones:

Download/stream here.

I wanted this to be a free-for-all topic contribution thing, and it did come out that way, but yes, it wasn’t as funny and as spontaneous, as the podcast we recorded the day before though (which you can hear/download here). Talked about Earth Hour, the Plurk life, the brouhaha started by Chip Tsao, NIN coming to Manila, and UP Fair violence. With guests Karen and Joiz.

Dementia Terrorizes The Pakbets!
Download/stream here.

J hosted this one, and the content was on the light side. Pakbet’s criteria for a mate? Men prefer docile women? Men go for looks? Does Pakbet consider themselves as typical guys? Karen aka Dementia did the interviewing this time, and no, I wasn’t in a non-sober state, I just wasn’t home, and couldn’t think straight through the whole recording.

And for everything:

UPDATE: Here’s the shorter URL ->

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