ISP Showdown: Smart Bro VS. ComClark

Since late 2006, after my coming back from work in China, and a PC upgrade, the ISP I’ve been using has been Smart Bro. Despite the negative feedback it was getting then, I really had no choice, since the PLDT cables don’t reach my place in Bulacan, and there wasn’t anything that Digitel offers that can equal to Smart Bro’s promise.

Yesterday, I had my ComClark cable internet installed. The house is already subscribed with their tie-in to a local cable TV provider, and we’ve had favorable experience with that. I got their Exceed 888 plan, which has promised speeds up to 512 kbps for 888 pesos. On paper, this means I’ll be paying 111 pesos less than my usual, and since Smart Bro speeds are only up to 384 kbps, I’m also supposed to get faster internet.

Now, what do the speed tests say?


ComClark speed

Smart Bro

Smart Bro speed

Tough call. What’s with ComClark’s upload speed? I’ll see how this performs the rest of this week, and decide from there if I would cancel my subscription with Smart Bro.

Also, as far as Smart Bro’s after-sales service, I’ve probably had less than five occasions where I needed their technical support, which isn’t a bad record to consider.

41 thoughts on “ISP Showdown: Smart Bro VS. ComClark”

  1. i use smart bro for almost 8 months now and im not satisfied of their services, my connection only good at night and in the morning my net connection is just like a christmas tree Lights “on” lights “off”

  2. comclark is 888 pesos per month. how much is smart bro’s?! 30 days x 24 hours x 20 pesos per hour… or a fraction–k, say half… it works out to 7200 pesos!?

  3. compared to smartbro, comclark’s superb, reliable and never-down connectivity is what the majority of internet users nowadays really needs.

    pros: none, really.

    cons: crappy download/upload speeds, horrible uptime, connection fluctuates, when it rains you don’t get to connect at all, p2p sux.

    pros: 24/7 uptime connectivity, p2p rapes. need say more?

    cons: early afternoon heavy traffic syndrome (1-3pm) but torelable.

    comclark jst pwned smartbro.

  4. @raito. ang sama? haha! anyway, smartbro ako at ok nman xa pra skin, anywhere. as for comclark, nver heard e. 🙂

  5. banwidth upgrade for smartbro! cool. 🙂

  6. I am using comclark for 2 years already..
    it is great and reliable.. for 2 years, counting out my DC.. it will be 4 or 5..

  7. NEVER get comclark! the worst ISP! i have a 1Mbps (P2,000/mo) account on comclark and im only getting 0.35Mb/s and the worst, everytime i continues ping (ping -t) i get lots of timeout (around 30% loss)!

    pero sa smart bro ko, i alomost have 0% lost sa continues ping and i have 0.37Mb/s speed.

  8. Comclark? I have a subscription sa comclark (Mariveles Space Cable) I had a smart bro pero di ko na ginagamit kasi binigay ko na lang sa utol ko kasi nung una mabilis yung comclark.

    I made a wrong decision.

    I have a 768kbps 1K monthly subscription sa comclark. I only get 100kbps – 125kbps swerte na kung makakuha ng 300.

    And the worst of all their so called Engineers here in Mariveles can’t do anything about it. Ang reason nila is sa bandwidth na daw ng mga users un. So it means the more users that uses comclark connection dito sa area namin. It will affect all of our internet speed. WOW! So why should I continue to pay 1K a month kung parang dial up connection lang nakukuha ko?


  9. hobby ko na tumingin sa stars every night kahit sandali lang but this past days i think tumatagal ang pagtingin ko sakanila because i rather na tumingin sa bituin kaysa mapikon sa bagal ng globe.

  10. napanood ko ung commercial ng globe then they are declaring na sila ang number 1 plug it.hmmmmpnest un ah.ang bagal nga ng globe eh.

  11. Depande yata sa lugar. Yung pinsan ko kasi, smartbro siya. Mabilis daw. Sa lugar kasi namin, umalis sa smartbro ang mga kapitbahay ko kaya nang mag-subscribe ako ng internet, PLDT ang una kong sinubukan. Mabilis siya kaso laging nawawala, minsan maghapon wala. Pero pag meron napakabilis. Then try ko Comclark, di siya kasingbilis ng PLDT pero realiable siya. Kahit anong oras gusto kong magresearch, meron.

  12. Comclark….ok naman so far so good…compare naman sa globe smart…sUCKs! maiinit lang cguru ulu ni parekoy kaya ganun. wala nman perfect n isp’s, misan may interruption din.

  13. Yung kapit bahay ko smart bro ang gamit niya, sobrang asar na asar sya gusto na nga niya maiyak sa sobrang inis dahil madalas walang connection ang internet nya tapos super bagal pa. Tapos panay dc. Kaya sa comclark sinubukan ko kasi ok naman sya. Ang bilis nga eh. Pag nanonood ako sa youtube hindi ko na kelangan maghintay.Dere-deretso lang sya. Minsan nagkaka problem pera pag tinawag ko sa kanila mabilis nilang inaayos.

  14. Buti na lang sa QC OK ang SmartBro Canopy. Sumasablay lang simula ng makisakay ang PLDT (MyBro) eh.

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