PakbetPodkasts: Interview with an SG Expat, and Crying Over Spilled Plurk Karma

The Pakbet Crew is on a roll! Two podcasts to feature:

Pakbet Interviews Toni AKA Daria: On Pinoy Expat Life in Singapore
Download or stream here.

Here we interview Toni, a Pakbet friend from work before, on Pinoy expat life in Singapore. We go all-out and ask her about life, and living in a foreign country, the work, the food, and tips and advice for those who want to visit or work in Singapore.

Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 3: Crying Over Spilled Karma
Download or stream here.

Here’s how everyone spent their Holy Week vacation/holidays. We also talk about Luis Buenaventura’s article: The Death of Plurk, Plurk vs. Twitter, and Plurk Karma: Does It Really Matter?

We will also be releasing one more podcast this week, re the most controversial topic on Plurk these days.

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