Slowly Going Back Into The Fold

Typecast / Club Dredd / July 3, 2009

I’m still not in the best of moods to take photos, but getting a chance to finally meet US-based Chayenne after a semi-constant online exchange of rants (us raving about things doesn’t happen a lot) online for sometime now was a convincing excuse to find myself back in a rock club. Was also with Melvin’s wife Ana, who completed last Thursday’s wonderful company.

Ana and Chayenne
Ana and Chayenne

I just wished these pretty ladies’ had a more talkative ‘escort‘, and that I had taken a better photo of them.


Six photos from this year’s local toy convention, held last June 14:


After a few months hiatus, I did show up again for a Rangefinder Filipinas gathering. It was Atty. Yet’s birthday, and the venue was literally minutes away from where I live. I did commit to the forum discussion that I’d be biking to-and-fro the venue, and I did deliver, despite my non-ideal physical condition. I guess it was the idea of lounging in a pool that got to me, since I’ve been wishing that that would happen since summertime. Add to that: generous servings of sinful food.

Speaking of food, another thing that made that day of socializing distinct was how I had my breakfast. I was too lazy to whip up something to eat in the kitchen, and since it was the start of a beautiful, sunny provincial, I decided to go out and bike my way to the nearest lugawan. I’ve never done that since high school in Obando, and this was the first time I did so in Guiguinto. Surely, this should happen again.

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