This Scene, and That Scene

Two Days Before

Me and the rest of the Pakbet boys (minus J) had Toni go with us to Saguijo for another Terno Inferno gig. I slept all day, being tired from another gig the night before. Maybe it was the lure of being actually out for a Saturday night and not sulking at home, maybe I needed validation again that I CAN take pictures, despite this self-imposed hiatus.

Up Dharma Down
Up Dharma Down / Saguijo / July 18, 2009

Other shots were so-so. It helps that I just love how light bounces off Saguijo’s ceiling.

I found the Encounters With A Yeti sound still very raw, considering I do love post-rock. Friends thought Musical O needed a better vocalist, and I would’ve mentioned The Jesus and Mary Chain if only they knew the band. Sleepwalk Circus does put up a rockstar show, and I actually like it. Up Dharma Down was in tip-top shape, the best band in the land is always a sight and an experience to behold.

Last Friday

I was still in college when I went to an underground gig, and that was in Laguna. Last Friday, the gig I went to was in Tatalon, a good five minutes away from that colossal and Romanesque memorial building looming over that corner of Quezon Avenue.

YELLFEST / Floydrose / July 17, 2009

Pakbet boy Sonny mentioned to me this blog which posts upcoming underground gigs that usually won’t go around the social networking sites. My interest was piqued since there were bands on the lineup who’d actually do grindcore, which I fondly still remember from its former, more famous moniker: death metal.

Photo Slideshow of YELLFEST

Despite the still-prominent typhoon weather, I decided to go to the aptly-named YELLFEST, with Lea, an old college friend/longtime Megadeth, Amorphis, etc. fan, after confirming that the gig will push through. The club, Floydrose, looked like it had your stereotypical beerhouse facade, and it didn’t help that it was tucked in a corner of a nondescript building in, yes, Tatalon.

Stepping upstairs to the second floor of the club, discovering the band area, hearing someone growling through a microphone and the rest of the band beating up their instruments, I knew instantly there wouldn’t be wasted time ahead.

I didn’t catch up with the band names, but I did make the effort to get one good shot from each. That does seem to be my standard mode of shooting gigs these days though. Shooting difficulties? The area was small, but since there weren’t any tables-with-seats, just makeshift benches along the edges of the room, I could move around with the band itself. Here’s the frustration: most band members would not face the audience, which isn’t a complaint, really, its just that it makes photo-coverage not an easy job. People moshing? There was barely any, unfortunately.

Did we enjoy the gig? YES. I’d like to post a quick review, but it doesn’t seem right not noting the band names. Here’s hoping I’ll get those details soon.

Thanks to Carl, organizer of the event, and bassist of Kolapso Do Sistema, and to the rest of the people who gave Lea and me a gracious welcome. We all know its one of those fringe gatherings people would usually frown upon, but after witnessing this scene, I’d be up and ready to go for the next one.

3 thoughts on “This Scene, and That Scene”

  1. Rain, haha i disagree with your friends’comment that musical o needs a better vocalist — part nung charm ng music nila yung imperfectness at rawness ng voice ni marco mas mafefeel mo yun, helplessness, angst, sadness sa mga kanta nila that way hehe


  2. @Karla Hmm, not sure. I’m not even sure I’ll go the NIN concert. Depends if I could get FREE tickets hehe

    @Kathy I agree, but Musical O still needs to grow on me. After making a quick profile of my friends, I don’t think they get shoegazer music much. E ako, shoegazing music had a big slice of my music influence way back college e. That’s why Sleepwalk is patok din sa akin hehe

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