Bringing Out the Old and Unfamiliar: Judee Sill and The Fairport Convention/Sandy Denny

Judee Sill – The Kiss

Discovered via Facebook through old music critic friend Cris Ramos, Judee Sill was a welcome option from most of the J-pop music I’ve had for weeks (not that I’m getting sick of it, though). I still have yet to go through her two released albums. Head on over to her bio for one of those nice artistic-type stories.

Then there’s The Fairport Convention:

Sandy Denny & Fairport Convention – Solo

I don’t have folk music on my library, and I would look at you badly if you mention Joni Mitchell as so. Not that I don’t like it, maybe I haven’t sunk my teeth into it and really gnawed at it. Several months ago I was listening to nothing but the sung stories of The Decemberists, and a few weeks ago NPR had made available music from the Newport Folk Festival 2009.

I do have ONE Fairport Convetion song here: Tale in Hard Time, from Four Tet’s take of the Late Night Tales series of records. The song has always stood out, and its embarrassing that I didn’t follow through from there. After doing some research though, I was enchanted by the band’s phase wherein the vocals were provided by Sandy Denny, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to suck into my system these days.


This blog will now convert to the sort of topics I covered before, pre-photography: music and movies. My second blogging phase on Livejournal back in 2001-2002 was dedicated to reviewing a lot of movies during my filmfest haunting days. I just hope I have enough motivation to actually watch movies. Though, if you want real Pinoy film criticism, go for Noel Vera, and not that film summarizer from the Inquirer.

Oh, of course you’d get the occasional sappy personal stories.

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