ZOMG November It Is And Nothing Is Really Happening

First off, Meshuggah was my beautiful music backdrop for this week’s mid-week office restdays:

I do try to listen to all the newer metal releases, but as for now, nothing really appeals to me as much as Meshuggah material: extremely heavy music without the need to resort to overbearing metal imagery (but as seen on video above, they are in that boat). And despite the term technical cropping up every time you mention the band, the technique doesn’t take over the song, and goes over to guitar-god territory.

Some geek talk for ya:

I’ve installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala beside the splendid Windows 7. Not very impressed. Annoyed that it won’t save my resolution settings, and yes, that’s even after I’ve consulted multiple threads on the support forums. You won’t see me taking it out of my system though, since I’ve had Windows screw me before.


Not sure why, but MediaMonkey, my favorite music jukebox software has been conking out on me. I’ve had Mozilla Songbird, but it was crashing on me on the Windows 7 RC build, and officially, they don’t support the latest Windows OS release until now. The minimalistic Foobar2000 seems to rebuild its database forever, before it could start. I even opted for Windows Media Player 12 (bundled with Windows 7), but it just doesn’t feel light enough to handle my music library. Now, I’m putting up an old friend to the test: Winamp. Hung on me once, but so far, so good.


No Firefox yet. Loving Google Chrome, it just feels right with the visual candy of Windows 7, except that now I don’t get to check my email as much since I used email alert plugins before.

Back to music!

What I’m listening to as I write this blog entry:

From the EP: Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age. The old Broadcast albums were more song based, and not as trippy, and very good.


There’s a new Outerhope record out, and you can sample the songs via their Facebook page:



And as always, some Japanese music:

Spangle Call Lilli Line instantly reminded me of Audio Safari, and the early softer songs of School Food Punishment. Beautiful beautiful beautiful music, since 2001.

Link gold: For the latest in J-music >> http://jpoplovernet.blogspot.com/


Lastly, quick reviews from the latest big records:

Weezer – Radtitude: Some good songs, but this will most likely be filed under a-good-album-possibly-great-even-but-I-might-not-listen-to-it-again.

Slayer – World Painted Blood: Same as above.

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