Back When People Didn’t Know What A Terrabyte Was, CD’s Ruled

Back when hard disks cost and storage size was a big compromise on the wallet, I, like everyone else, relied on CD’s for backups. Our first family CD writer cost us 4,000 pesos, but we knew at that time that it was a worthy investment.

And we, dear reader, will fast forward to the present and dwell on my wanting one, or two, terrabytes more of storage via an external hard disk. This wishing coincided with my cleaning my workstation at home yesterday. No before and after pictures of the mess, but let me present a web artifact I found, and would still keep, from the olden days:

free cd's, who remembers? CD samplers, with videos, software, and the obligatory free internet

At the time when mp3 conversion was just rearing its huge head to everyone’s everyday living, when 64MB flash disk players were the porma iPod-equivalent, when the then highly controversial Napster was dying, and there were a few trying to take its place (it was always Audiogalaxy or 100% legal Epitonic for me), receiving my free CD samplers made me feel cutting-edge and tech-cool. The CD’s didn’t only have mp3s, but video game previews, movie trailers, and music software.

Never mind that I don’t think I ever valued the actual music in it. Like everyone else, freebies are always appreciated in my world.


More CD talk:

Since Ubuntu 5.04, I’ve decided to order disks-to-ship, since they don’t charge anyway, and I get stickers! Ubuntu shipped discs for x86, PowerPC, Mac, AMD64, 64-bit, and like any geek, I’d want to get the maximum reasonable number. Now I have a couple of dozen of these I’m not sure what to do with, though. For gloating purposes, I’ll be keeping a copy of each, and unload the others.

My estimate-count of the CD’s from the cleanup yesterday would be in the few hundreds. Some data and mp3 backups, but more significantly, VCD’s. I feel stupid now not just converting the DVD-copying to AVI’s. VCD was the preferred format, so I can view them on a normal TV-media player setup. See, kids, DVD players then played VCD’s and DVD’s, that’s it. They were picky even.

Oh, being older and a little wiser, I will commit to the following from hereon:

  • Not ordering CD’s when I can download them. This applies to Ubuntu, and to other similar free-order, free-shipping opportunities.
  • Not buying CD sleeves or cases (for the meantime). I’ve removed old CD’s from their cases, and now have close to a hundred to recycle for use again.

If only we can also recycle old, unusable CD’s. Apparently, they’re too small and light to throw and play frisbee with, as we did before when we were kids with found LP’s.

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