Music Profile Podcast of 2009

toe – After Image Feat. Harada Ikuko

I don’t think its believable, based on the music I listened to this year, that I could come up with a music list for 2009. Most of the music took a sidestep to all the Perfume and Kaela Kimura kitsch I wallowed in. What I sought out instead, just today, would be to come up with some songs from records released this year, and do a podcast on it. Sans rankings.

This is my profile of 2009-released music, in two parts. The differences are not so distinct, but the first one includes the more conventional songs, while the second one has a handful of brooding instrumental music, electronic/dance, and pretty brutal rock.

Stream Music Profile 2009 Podcast – Part 1 using the player below:

Download this part (Part 1) of the podcast here.

Stream Music Profile 2009 Podcast – Part 2 using the player below:

Download this part (Part 2) of the podcast here.

*The songs are shared without permission, and are intended for personal, non-commercial consumption. For any issues, contact me here.

UPDATE: Listening to this recording again makes me want to just add some more stuff I’ve missed, like Pasta Groove, probably a couple of jazz songs, and oh that Krallice album I just got to hear.

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