Pau Redux


There will be drastic life-changes soon, hence things that I have tried and grown to love doing need to be repeated, with tweaks. For example: fashionable model shoots are now modified to be simple portraiture.

Since I loved the output from Pau’s last shoot, I asked her again to spend some time while I hone whatever skill I had at making people still, and look beautiful.

The decision to dress-down was based on the realization that shooting high-brow fashion entails some sensibilities I can’t name nor possess. That’s where my shooting partner/stylist Nariese comes in, but she likes the challenge I proposed. We’ll go white, and we’ll get Pau again.


Something came up during the shoot, and Nariese couldn’t show up. We still had Van, Pau’s best friend, who was also there at the first shoot. She proved to be invaluable, and had assumed the role of second-opinion maker, since I did need all the help I could get.

The two shots shown so far were taken with an old hand-me-down Pentax Spotmatic SLR, using a lens I have rarely used: a Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0, shot wide open. If only I had better film (used past-date Lucky SHD 100), I wouldn’t have needed to post-process this set as much as I should.

The shot below proved to be the favorite of most though, taken with the favorite Seagull 4A, still using the same and only batch of Fujicolor 100 Superia film I’ve ever used:


Our convenient, semi-deserted location was at Pau’s college. This was already almost late afternoon, and I was in a mad-dash to take in whatever sun I could get and use. I pointed out a few things that could have been improved on this shot (the roof frame lodging into Pau’s head, the white shirt could’ve had more form, or hid the shorts), but I was really the only one nitpicking.

I did use the trusty, almost 5 years-old DSLR, just so we can have instant output. Salvaged from that pile, I made the diptych below to show off how Pau can exude an apparently more mature look. We were semi-seriously shooting inside the ladies room, and didn’t have Nariese to tell us to let go of the slippers (she told us that after I uploaded the photos). This part was jokingly referred to as the 16-going-on-20-something college-senior Pau.


Days before the shoot, I showed Pau some pegs (references) of what I had in mind. The motif was a liberal, but non-revealing white, the young model playful, never-teasing, but ultimately sultry. Sultry. I told Pau that, and she had her heyday looking for the definition online. Of course, I bet she knew what it meant, but put in that situation, one can’t help but do research. Look it up yourself. Done? A bit more suggestive than the subtle effect I was aiming for, that’s for sure. The point, thankfully, still came across.

Maybe you’d have a better, more apt word.

The rest of the Flickr photoset here.

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