Shanghai Dispatch #12, or 8 Years and Counting

And it’s 2012.

There’s really nothing to blog about since last time, except the mundane. Shanghai has been -and still is- very cold, and despite dragging myself out during freezing, sometimes wet, weekends, I still have photos unworthy of any merit.

Oh and there’s this thing about this domain name’d, hosted, WordPress-powered existence reaching its 8th year.

First post? January 3, 2004.

There’s probably a boatload of things I want to happen on this site. Make a few photo-slideshows, set up an online portfolio, since the itch to renew another Flickr Pro subscription this year is gone (which I’ll link the photostream here anyway). But for what? I don’t even brand myself as a photographer, how is it even possible to market my workforce-dayjob-OFW self as one?

On second thought, the load that the aforementioned boat carried is just fluff anyway. This is just a personal blog, and never did try to be anything else. I did music and film reviews, podcasts, and wanted spin-offs from those, created subdomains even, but any route goes back to this non-compromised point: myself, who used to have an opinion on most things.

Whatever definition my present sentiment is towards this, this almost-indifference is probably what most web veterans feel regarding their Blogger or Livejournal accounts. Sayang e. Once you’ve invested a good chunk of your life online on it, back when a one-liner blog comment seemed impolite, irrelevant, I can’t just let it die, right?

Belated birthday greetings, blog. I’ll keep you for as long as I can, and won’t betray. No, don’t worry, I’ve opened a Tumblr account awhile back, and I get it, but I guess I’m just too old for that schtick.

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