Shanghai Dispatch #13 or Was Out On a Weekend With a New Toy

This entry is an excuse to post photos from a gig I went to and took photos of two weeks ago:

Immanu El
Immanu El

I’m way past my post-rock phase, but I have nothing to gain by just staying in at the apartment for another weekend night. This would not make up for my missing the Mogwai gig last December (held in Shanghai, while I was vacationing back home), but I had to remind myself: its time to test the new camera.

Yep, the one thing I’ve always wanted to have, but have always postponed purchasing, since I came here for work last year, is now in my possession.

Immanu El

See, for the past 6 years, I’ve stuck it out with a Canon 350D DSLR camera. I still find it very capable, but I’m in a position already where I could treat myself to something that, I think, is well-deserved. One weekend evening, probably just an hour before closing time of the Luban Lu camera stores, I got myself a Canon 60D body. I’m keeping my noisy, first generation Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 lens, though. How about a new lens, you say? The Canon lens prospects are about the same price as the body, so I’ll pass on that for now. The only real reason to consider other lenses is when capturing video on the 60D, and AF is used, the motor can be heard.

But on to the actual field test: how is the camera when shooting gigs? I couldn’t focus all too well because I had too many focus points to choose. I couldn’t measure much for the exposure, and since I had spotlights in the frame, the subjects tend to be way underexposed. ISO 3200 is a welcome breather, but unless really needed, I’d stick with my favored ISO 1600. These aren’t camera flaws, its just me not having the almost-automatic settings I’ve had with the 350D.

One major treat on this rig: VIDEO.

I’m this near to getting a Zoom H1 recorder, for better sound (in stereo), but there is no justifying that purchase now.

And the gig? Immanu El was great. I intentionally did not expose myself much to their material beforehand, but as you can see and hear from the video posted above, there are no regrets in hauling my inert self in still-freezing Shanghai weather over to Yuyintang all by myself that Saturday.

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