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BORISQSW Culture Center, March 13

Five Japanese rock music events this year in Shanghai, makes it less compelling to really to plan for a trip to the music’s country of origin, really. It should happen, but I’ve seen most of who I wanted to see in this lifetime. I will make an unquestionable exception for them, though.

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Emilie Simon / This Will Destroy You / Low

Emilie Simon

Emilie Simon – QSW Culture Center, March 19

I first heard Emilie Simon almost a decade ago from a lovely French-Chinese girl I met at a rock festival in Shanghai. I had the chance to watch a gig of hers back home some years after, but it didn’t get enough press, and I found out only the day after the event. I think she performed here last year, but it was one of those gigs I’ve inexplicably missed (like, oh, Behemoth, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, DJ Shadow), and greatly regretted not going.

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Swans was not a band I would brag about knowing before I’ve seen them. There was a mention of the band online somewhere, and my curiosity wasn’t triggered. They had a reputation for being loud and immense-sounding, and that they still live up to that reputation in their current performances as well. So, news came up they had a gig here in Shanghai. Snatched a ticket since it was the usual price the organizers would charge for other foreign acts anyway.


We were provided 3M earplugs before entering the venue. Neat.

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