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No new photos? None. Unless you check my Instagram stream, where the photo-curation has a lot to be desired.

I bothered to blog today since it is the second day of the lunar new year, and feet don’t like the outside today. Also, it is oddly warm in this city this week, that the Spring Festival season actually lives up to its name. Last year, there was snowfall.

So, what is up with me?

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How Kana Nishino Made Me Go Back To Hong Kong/Kanayan Tour Asia 2013

I think it was late 2011, when scouring the latest updates in Jpop, when I discovered Kana Nishino. Her singles always topped the charts, but like a lot of Jpop groups and artists, there wasn’t that much of an appeal to me, I was quick to judge her as dry and generic. I eventually did give her music a try, starting from songs from her third album, Thank You, Love.

So, yes, the day actually came: I have fallen in love with a Japanese pop star.

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SH Dispatch #23: Chinese Lunar New Year 2013

Being in China, armed with a camera, it is but ridiculous if one doesn’t go out and take pictures. So I did.

Longhua Temple

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Barely three months into the new employment, I found myself with everyone from the company two hours away from Shanghai on a rainy weekend, at a scenic watertown called Wuzhen.

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My Year in Photos 2010 – Part 1: Models, Events, and Travel

Aside from gigs, 2010 was easily the year where I tried shooting models (still trying), which is something I’ve always wanted to learn, since there would be a lot more than the usual factors-to-consider that I’m used to. I did a bit of traveling also, though I’m not so used to paying for trips myself.

Large Format Portrait 1

Oh, and I’ve taken off my four earrings I got this year. Maintaining those things were a pain. Brow ring stays, though.

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