My Year in Photos 2010 – Part 1: Models, Events, and Travel

Aside from gigs, 2010 was easily the year where I tried shooting models (still trying), which is something I’ve always wanted to learn, since there would be a lot more than the usual factors-to-consider that I’m used to. I did a bit of traveling also, though I’m not so used to paying for trips myself.

Large Format Portrait 1

Oh, and I’ve taken off my four earrings I got this year. Maintaining those things were a pain. Brow ring stays, though.

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The Birthday Trip 2010 (Part 2)

The only other time I found myself in an inter-island ferry was when I assumed the role of a photographer’s assistant, from Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin. Having settled myself in the airconditioned area of the Bohol-bound Oceanjet ferry, I deemed it satisfactory that I didn’t opt for the open area. Again, the picture-taking mood wasn’t too persistent.

Bohol Tarsier

I left Kaloy’s place, just a few minutes away from University of San Carlos, with an hour to spare. When I told the cab driver I was headed to the pier, he made the claim that it would probably take us an hour and a half of travel time, considering weekday morning traffic. I got to the pier in time, anyway. With two donuts for nutrition, and a ferry population that appeared to consist of 40% Japanese, 20% Korean, 20% Chinese, 10% Caucasian, and 10% everyone else, I was off to the the real solo segment of the birthday trip.

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The Birthday Trip 2010 (Part 1)

I had to put an end to uneventful, severely disappointing birthdays, so a few weeks before December, I got myself cheap plane tickets to Cebu, and had arrangements with old college friend and dormmate Kaloy to crash at his family’s place for a few days. Once I let friends in on my plan, they suggested I take the ferry to Bohol. Sure, I thought to myself, not a bad idea, since I haven’t been to either place.

Oh, and why Cebu? The photo below takes a good chunk of that decision:

Susing's Koa-Top Concert Ukulele
Susing’s koa-top concert ukulele, and a Danelectro Honeytone mini-amp

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